" A bank that offers you the best "
" A bank that offers you the best "
Bank guarantee for studies abroad
You wish to send your child abroad for further studies or to renew his residence permit where he is already living in a foreign country ...!!!

You are sometimes required to produce among other documents an attestation of irrevocable transfer as a guarantee for his living expenses.


Conditions required for the establishment of an attestation of irrevocable transfer

  • Open a Special Deposit Account
  • Write an application to the Branch manager for the establishment of an attestation of irrevocable transfer
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Photocopy of the preinscription (or language diploma)
  • Photocopy of the information form issued by the embassy
  • Photocopy of the file submission receipt issued by the embassy

A minimum deposit in the account, which varies according to the host country

  • Italy: CFA 2 760 000 Frs + CFA 340 000 bank charge.
  • Belgium: CFA 4 050 000 Frs + CFA 400 000 bank charge.
  • France: CFA 3 600 000 Frs + CFA 300 000 bank charge.
  • The above conditions shall apply for the current year and can be changed at any moment.


Henceforth, to study in Germany, candidates are expected to open an account directly in a German Bank.

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