" A bank that offers you the best "
" A bank that offers you the best "
Money transfer

It is a cheap, fast, reliable and secured means of sending and receiving money within our network and our partners' (MUFFA and MC2s).

Why use MoneyFirst?

It is cheap, fast, reliable and secured. There is no restriction on amounts to be sent.


  • Fast

Send and receive money within our local and international* networks in no time.

  • Secure

MoneyFirst secures your money. By means of a computer and electronic mechanism you are provided with a secret code for your use or to be sent the beneficiary of the transfer. The code is unique because it is tailored to your transaction.

  • Reliable

MoneyFirst is a First Bank product. It is therefore covered by financial robustness and reliability.

To send money:

* Go to a First Bank Branch and complete a MoneyFirst send from;
* Hand the amount to be sent and the completed form to a teller who will give you a reference number;
* Send the reference number to the beneficiary, and as the case may be, the password.
* You can also send a charge-free ten-worded message along with your money.

To receive money :

* Get in touch with the sender and request that he/she sends the money from a MoneyFirst sales point.
* Get the reference number and the password, if you don't have a valid identification number, from the sender;
* Go to any First Bank branch with your identification document and its photocopy as well as the reference number and, as the case may be, the password;
* Complete a MoneyFirst receive form and hand all it with the identification documents to a teller;
* Receive your money in local currency.

*Only in France, Equatorial Guinea, Sao Tomé, Democratic Republic of Congo

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