Download the SARA application on the various stores and carry out your transactions in peace from your phone


What is the QR Code?

The QR Code is an advanced version of the bar code which further guarantees the security and reliability of your transactions.

What does the “Tontine” menu consist of?

The tontine menu allows people belonging to the same circle to form a tontine in the form of a “Cloud” in the Sara Money application. Any member can distinguish and know the other members by knowing who is a member of the board (“Administrator”). It is possible for all members to contribute via the application.
The payment of the jackpot to the designated beneficiary is initiated by one of the administrators and validated by all the administrators so that the beneficiary can take possession of his funds.
All the members of the tontine have the traceability on the contributions of the members and all the members of the office have the traceability on the payments.

How to change my password without going through the bank or at a banking agent

In the “settings” menu of your Sara Money account, you will find the function called “Change PIN code”. You must enter your current PIN / password
, then enter a new 4-character PIN / password and confirm it by re-entering it.
Click on “Validate” to complete the process. Remember to use your new password the next time you access this service.

If necessary, how can I contact Afriland First Bank?

You can send an electronic message to the bank from your Sara Money account via the “complaints” menu available in the application. You will receive a response to your concern within two business days. Or you can go to the First Bank branch closest to you.

I do not have a bank account at Afriland First Bank. How can this service be useful to me?

This service operates like a Mobile Money account but has more menus and is more attractive than other Mobile Money accounts available on the market.

You can keep your money safe; you have the possibility to consult the history of all your transactions; you can reach First Bank directly via the complaints menu; you can locate Afriland First Bank ATMs and branches as well as merchant points, banking agents and TPEs. You have four different options for making a money transfer: you can buy call credit from any mobile operator; you can make payments through your platform and manage a tontine without moving.

Is it possible to make transactions between my Sara Money account and my Mobile Money account (MTN or Orange)?

No not right now. We will keep you informed once this service is implemented.

When I connect, the following message is displayed: “Account blocked, please contact your bank”. What does that mean ?

Access to the service is automatically blocked for security reasons after three failed
password / PIN entries. The purpose of blocking is to prevent fraudulent use of your
Sara Money connection parameters.
Simply contact the nearest First Bank branch or the nearest
bank agent to receive a new PIN / password.